Sensory Apps on Android Play Store – Technical Note

During May 2020 we have started a process to replace and extend our Sensory Apps on the Android Play store. This is so that versions of our incredibly popular iOS Sensory Apps can be enjoyed on Android tablets and phones. Also, the same version of these Sensory apps on Android will available for Chrombooks through
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Sensory AiR

Sensory AiR is similar to our pre-release Sensory VR calming app. It is a simple calming and relaxation app for people of ALL ages. You can run plazma, lava, galaxy and magma style smooth effects against a black background, over your camera input or any photo you load in from the Photos app. Tap the
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Sensory Abstract #1

​ Get the free app by selecting the device or browser you are using. Sensory Abstract#1 app – Inspired by Expressionism – is our first experimental app in what we hope could become a series of visual digital art. This new app is a combination of the use of digital art and effects techniques created
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Voca Speech Viewer

  Get the free app by selecting the device or browser you are using. Voca is a speech and audio viewer for Chromebooks and Chrome/new Edge browser. Voca displays the sound coming into the microphone graphically on the screen. Available viewing option are: spectrogram, frequency display, waveform and audio volume history. This tool is useful for
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Camloco for Chromebook

    Sensory Camloco is available as a ChromeBook App, download from here. Sensory Camloco is also available as a Web App for Chrome browser. Click here to run Camloco. Camloco is a fun visual effects app that response to music, sounds and speech. It requests access to Camera and Microphone, as both inputs are
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Sensory Chromebook Apps

Many of the Sensory Apps are available as Chrome Apps for use on Google Chromebooks. Each Sensory Chrome App can be downloaded from the Google Chrome Webstore and the individual app links are contained in the general app description page. For convenience the Sensory Chromebook Apps as at February 2019 are also listed below. [NOTE:
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Fun Painting – Digital art!

  Get the free app by selecting the device or browser you are using. Sensory Fun Painting allows you to create beautiful symmetrical and freeform digital paint creations for your entertainment and relaxation. Produce mirror effects using tubes, fans, solids and lines. Fun Painting is a follow on from our Coloco app and expands on
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