Sensory Electrique is a pure sensory stimulation app, for assisting basic communication. Electrique is a multi touch or tap effects app, which generates the lively stimulating spark. It can also be used within visual and touch development and visual sensory response. If you are familiar with our popular app Electra, then Electrique will be familiar.
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Splodge – tap and splat!

Splodge and splatter paint effects, fish, butterflies and balloons on different backgrounds (including front facing camera views). Complete with funny sound effects. Splodge is for iOS only, is also switch accessible, using a bluetooth switch box. Splodge backgrounds include mirror, underwater, glowing sun and calming lava. Simple fun for infants, kindergarten, nursery and pre-school kids.
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iMeba – pulse & flow

iMeba is a simple strong visual app for people with special/complex needs of ALL ages. It is visually stimulating and suitable for a range of abilities. Tap buttons to change effect. iMeba is available on the App Stores, just click the link for your device. iMeba functions differ slightly between operating system chosen. Live iMeba
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CineVox – voice cause effect

CineVox is a visually stimulating, simple and fun app that improves vocalisation and speech. CineVox is a speech therapy game tool that responds to sounds. With CineVox you can also produce amazing and fun graphic effects as it responds to any sounds. CineVox can be used to encourage children to vocalise and make sounds, either
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Just Touch – Infinity tunnels

Just Touch is a fun effects app for all with 30+ incredible touch effects. Morph your face in the Hall of Mirrors. Experience incredible visual, kaleidoscopic, entrancing patterns that respond. Fly through colourful infinity tunnels and galaxy pathways that open in front of you. Please be aware this app has some strong circulating images and
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Electra – touch lightning!

About Electra Electra is a simple stimulating app for people with special/complex needs of all ages. It is visually stimulating and suitable for a range of abilities. One of our best downloading apps over the years. Electra responds to taps and up to 3 finger simultaneous touch movements. Tap to change effect. Touch with 1,
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