28th September, 2018

Sensory Chromebook Apps

Many of the Sensory Apps are available as Chrome Apps for use on Google Chromebooks. Each Sensory Chrome App can be downloaded from the Google Chrome Webstore and the individual app links are contained in the general app description page. For convenience the Sensory Chromebook Apps as at February 2019 are also listed below. [NOTE: Some of these chrome apps may not be fully operational on the latest Chrome Browsers v76 & v77 – currently being investigated]

Please note that if you view these links using Chrome browser on a Windows or Mac computer, you will be able to see the information but not install the app. Since 2017, Google has limited the installation of Chrome Apps to Chromebooks only. To use these apps in Chrome on a Windows or Mac we suggest using the Sensory Web Apps.

CHROMEBOOK APPS (from Chrome Webstore)

Camloco Chrome App