Welcome to Sensory PDF Reader.

Sensory PDF Reader is an accessible PDF reader. You can change the background colour and text size of your PDF, and  also speak words, lines or blocks of text if your PDF file is accessible. If you are using the web based Readable PDF viewer, then Readable for Windows can also provide all the speech and underline-highlight functions, as well as echo when typing.

Sensory PDF Exam Reader version (with built in text to speech voices)  can be used in school examinations and tests as a "computer reader". For scanned or inaccessible PDF files or photographs of documents, where the text is not available, you can convert the file using PDF Convert.

You can choose to set Sensory PDF Reader as the default PDF file handler on your Windows PC. We do not request this automatically.  Information about how to do this is available on this Microsoft Help Page

Here the main Sensory PDF Reader view and settings.


The video shows Sensory PDF Reader in use with accessible PDF Examination past papers (internet access required).