Welcome to Sensory Readable, software that enhances your computer experience by providing spoken feedback of the words under your mouse cursor. Sensory Readable is designed to assist users with reading difficulties, slow reading speeds or those who prefer to listen while interacting with their computer. Sensory Readable is also a great automatic proof-reader for your writing. By listening back to your written text, you can easily spot errors in content.

Sensory Readable uses advanced accessibility technology combined with professional text-to-speech capabilities to accurately identify and speak the words on your screen.

Sensory Readable is designed to provide "Point and Speak" capability to Microsoft Word, Edge browser, Notepad, Outlook and many more text software applications. It also introduces the synchronous Speak and Underline-Highlight method in these accessible applications, and more in the future.

Sensory Readable provides a great addition to Microsoft Word, and below you can see the Readable Toolbar (colour icon setting) when Microsoft Word is active.

When you use Readable with other applications, the toolbar changes to show the active functions available. Below is the Sensory Readable Toolbar when in use with Microsoft Notepad with the toolbar in horizontal and vertical layouts

Readable Toolbar (horizontal) with Microsoft Notepad


Readable Toolbar (vertical) with Microsoft Notepad

Sensory Readable Overview Videos (requires internet)