See Sound Live with Voca Spectrum3D

Sensory App House is honoured to be working with Dr Shomeshwar Singh, Surgeon & Scientist to extend the See Sound Live approach.

See Sound Live allows deaf people to use their naturally heightened visual processing skills to get a feedback of their speech efforts. Missing auditory feedback is the main reason why a deaf person cannot speak in spite of having a normal voice box. Visual feedback using See Sound Live is similar to hearing with your eyes and is crucial in developing speech for the Deaf. Starting with simple sounds, deaf people can practice speaking more complex sounds and words over time.

Dr Singh has been pursuing the development of his brainchild, since 2016. SeeSoundLive aims at empowering a deaf child or adult with the power of speech without medicines or surgery. It is an assistive technology, that uses the deaf person’s ability to process visual signals to develop normal speech. Sensory App House has had already created a range of speech therapy apps popular throughout the world. We are delighted to be working on further research and development with Dr Singh to create a solution that could have a positive impact on Cochlear Implant programs and more.

Here is a demonstration of one of the experimental Sensory App House 3D visual tools to help match live sound to your voice. The See Sound Live program includes the range of reference sound images created by Dr Singh. Read more at