Sensory Abstract#1 in the Cathedral

Sensory App house was delighted to release Sensory Abstract#1 app at the beginning of 2019. It ended 2019 on New Year’s Eve being projected onto the ceiling of Coventry Cathedral. As part of their Open Projections event, visitors could lie on the beanbags, have drinks and snacks and view all of the digital projections on the ceiling.  The Sensory Abstract app is a combination of the use of digital art and effects techniques created by Sensory over the years, alongside the influence of abstract expressionist artists such as Mark Rothko. We are excited about what 2020 holds for our growing range of digital art apps.

The concept for this app is to create a calm, visual experience, with slow emerging shapes. There is no touch input on this app, unlike some of the Sensory Apps for calming & cause and effect such Magma, ameba or Plazma. Sensory Abstract#1 is free and available for iPhone and iPad now.

ios app store download

The projection capabilities of the iPad and iPhone via Airplay gives the option for galleries and relaxed environments to run the app on large screens. Just choose the effect you prefer, using the 4 buttons and let it flow. Tap the screen and the 4 buttons will disappear. Have a close look at the short video showing some of the dynamic effects of Sensory Abstract# 1.