Sensory Apps on Android Play Store – Tech Note

During May 2020 we started a process to replace and extend our Sensory Apps on the Android Play store. This is so that versions of our incredibly popular iOS Sensory Apps can be enjoyed on Android tablets and phones. Also, the same version of these Sensory apps on Android will available for Chromebooks through the same Play store. The process will continue over the weeks ahead as we prepare each app for upload, and this will put us in a great position for when Google discontinue the Chrome Webstore Apps in the future. Read more about “Transitioning from Chrome Apps” here

Most of the Sensory Apps have been recreated as “Progressive Web Apps” which means we can serve them both directly into the Chrome browser or new Edge Browser for Windows. It also means we have been able wrap these Progressive Web Apps as “Trusted Web Apps” (with Google Family Friendly rating) so they can be downloaded from the Android Play Store to both an Android device or Chromebook. Creating Progressive Web Apps also allows us to add in new content and features going forward, and make that available to all users instantly.

Our first new submission of the app Sensory Electra has gone live today in the Android Play store. The older version has been withdrawn, but will still work for existing users who have downloaded it.

Sensory Electra is a simple, straightforward stimulating app for people with special/complex needs of all ages. It is visually stimulating and suitable for a range of abilities. Electra responds to taps and up to 3 finger simultaneous touch movements. Tap to change effect. Touch with 1, 2 or 3 fingers to (simulate) shock! You can also create neat lightning effects for screen capture.

This app is best used on a phone in landscape mode. If you would like to lock the app on the phone to be landscape, you could use the Android Accessibility Interaction Control. Go to Settings/Accessibility/InteractionDexterity/ and turn on interaction control. Once the phone is running Electra and in landscape display, Press and Hold the Power Key and the Volume Up key for 2 seconds to activate the interaction control. There are some options within interaction control to also block out areas of your screen such as the Navigation Bar.