8th July, 2023

Sensory PDF Reader

Sensory PDF Reader is an accessible PDF reader. You can change the background colour and text size of your PDF, and  also speak words, lines or blocks of text if your PDF file is accessible. 

For scanned or inaccessible PDF files or photographs of documents, where the text is not available, you can convert the file using PDF Convert. There are also other services and software that also specialise in converting scanned documents into accessible documents.

Computer Reader for Exams

Sensory PDF Reader for Windows (with built in text to speech voices)  can be used in school examinations and tests as a “computer reader”. We have designed PDF Reader in line with the UK based Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments rules. Sensory PDF Reader for Windows is installed locally on the PC, requires no internet access to deliver computer reader functions, has no spellcheck or reference material built in. It will open accessible non-interactive and interactive electronic PDF format examination papers. A user can hover the mouse and it can speak the word, sentences or block of text below the mouse pointer.

Sensory PDF Reader will open any PDF containing study material or past papers, so can be incorporated in a normal way of working and a student can practise using the PDF Reader before the exam. There is the free web version of Sensory PDF Reader, so students can use this for practise purposes during study and revision also, the web version cannot be used in the formal examination – you will need to obtain Sensory PDF Reader for Windows license and install it on the Windows PC being used in the examination.

Review the Sensory PDF Reader help file here.

If you are using the Microsoft Edge browser and the free web based Sensory PDF viewer, then Readable for Windows can also provide all the speech and underline-highlight functions.

Sensory PDF Reader for Exams