Welcome to Sensory Tint. Sensory Tint is a Windows accessibility application that tints your screen. You can choose any colour to suit your viewing situation. Sensory Tint will tint extended or dual displays.

It is a simple app to setup, and can be minimised to the dock when being used.

Choose the colour of the screen tint that you prefer. The screen will stay tinted until Sensory Tint is closed.

The 4 options for colour tinting are Full Colour, Mono, None and Inverted

In addition to the colour palette available, there is a pull down list of preset tints and effects that could be selected. This pull down list includes some adjustments to colours (not a tint) that may assist with  colour vision deficiency.

You can adjust the colour palette to add custom colours if preferred.


The video shows how to change the tint selections.