3rd December, 2018

Web Apps in Chrome

It is possible to run most of the Sensory Apps on Windows, Mac or Chromebook. If you are a Microsoft Windows user with the Chrome desktop Browser installed, an Apple Mac user with Chrome desktop browser installed, or a Chromebook user, the Sensory web apps can just load from the cloud. After running, you can save the app as a Favorite web page for future quick access.

As a demonstration, here is a link to run the Sensory Coloco Painting and Symmetry app. Just click the icon and the Coloco app should load and run in any modern browser, such as Chrome, Edge or Safari.

Launch Coloco Web App

You can see the full list of Sensory Web Apps to try out as a single user, for free. Just login and become a free member. School site licenses are also available.

Click for Full list of Sensory Web Apps

Please contact us at sales@sensoryapphouse.com if you would like to license the web apps for use on your network or in your application, or if you need us to send a direct link for the Web Apps.

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