Readable Suite for Windows (.MSI Installer) – no updater

Download Sensory Readable Suite for Windows .msi installer. The file includes Readable for Windows, Sensory Tint, Sensory Ruler, Sensory PDF Reader, Sensory PDF Convert within one .msi installer.

Installation Tips

  1. Double click the .msi file
  2. Once the installation is complete, you will see new icons on your website for Readable, PDF Reader, Sensory Ruler, Sensory Tint and OCR Convert

Text to Speech Voices

This build has no built in updater, and does not automatically offer Vocalizer voice downloads or Text Extractor dependency. Sensory Readable will work using the default Microsoft Windows voices found on the PC. To add Vocalizer Voices (.msi installers) review the Voices list available.

Text Extractor Feature

To add the Text Extractor dependency (.msi installer) click the link here. If this dependency is not installed, Readable will operate as normal, but just won't show the Text Extractor feature in the Hover menu.

  • Version
  • File Size 56MB
  • Create Date 28th June, 2023
  • Last Updated 13th July, 2024
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6 thoughts on “Readable Suite for Windows (.MSI Installer) – no updater

  • Release contains small updates to the includes Sensory PDF (adds CTRL+Move setting), Sensory Tint and Sensory Ruler. Sensory Readable now includes localised user interface when installed on non English Windows PC. Sensory Readable User Interface prompt changes from English (mostly in Settings) will be seen for the following languages if set as Windows primary language; Danish, German,Finnish, French, Hindi, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian Bokmal, Norwegian Nynorsk, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese (Cantonese). Links to online Help File now shown automatic translation updates of the Help File pages for a chosen language.

  • Updated to v1.0.15 release with minor changes pls two new features;
    1. Speak under mouse can be controlled by pressing button 4 or 5 on a multi button mouse
    2. Added in Sensory Markers tool into the Readable Suite installer

  • Updated Readable Suite .msi installer, includes new PDF Reader v1.0.5 with underline highlight, updated Sensory Ruler. No manual updater included.

  • updated installer with the automatic updater removed. Installers Readable, Sensory Tint, Sensory Ruler, Sensory PDF, Sensory Convert

  • changes since last Readable release of 1.0.3
    Tidy up homophones list.
    Readable Editor added – for pronunciation editing. Run Readable Editor direct from Windows search box.
    Play Speech button responds immediately after closing Readable settings.
    Make About Box topmost.
    Added mp3 extension to all Save to MP3 dialogue boxes.

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