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Accessible Apps for Therapy and Early Learning - iPad, Chromebook, Windows, Mac & Android

Featured New Sensory Apps

A selection of the new Sensory apps for 2021 - for Windows, Chromebook, Android, iOS and Mac.

Apps for speech development & therapy

Switch Accessible Games & Activities

The new Sensory accessible game and activity range is underway! fun activities for early learners and others who may struggle with more complex games or activities.

Apps for digital painting

Apps for visual development, stimulation, fun and relaxation

Sensory Abstract – relaxing visual effects apps

Sensory Live! web apps

Sensory Live! brings together the popular and new Sensory Apps to be run from the cloud, on any of your computers or tablets.

If you are run different devices and computers across your school or organization, Sensory Live! apps can be downloaded and installed.

Each app is a full screen activity and supports touch, mouse, keyboard, switch access, XBox and Microsoft Adaptive controllers.

Share screens and apps with your family, students and clients.

We have three Sensory Live! options available, plus free samplers, providing Sensory Apps and Installers .

Apps work on Windows, iOS, Android, Chromebook and Apple Mac

30 day Free Trial Membership period.


No Membership needed - use & install the free Sensory Live! apps


  • Access to a range of Sensory Live! full screen web apps
  • Apps can be installed on personal device
  • Windows PC, Chromebooks, Macs, Tablets
  • Full Videos to guide on installation
  • Videos to show use of Adaptive Controller & Switches
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Pro Share Member

Membership for professional educators, therapist and school managers

US $49.00

Per Year
  • A "Pro Share" membership for Sensory Live! allowsfor access to all the full screen Sensory Apps available on Sensory Live! and includes the install links too, for sharing. You can install the Sensory Apps on your own computers (Windows PC, Chromebook, Mac) and also distribute the links to your individual clients / students you are working with.
  • Access to Sensory Live! full screen web apps
  • Apps can be installed - share to students/clients
  • All your family, individual students/clients computers
  • Windows PC, Chromebooks, Macs, Tablets
  • Email Support included
  • 30 day free trial period
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Site License Member

Site License membership of Sensory Live! Share across school and site

US $99.00

Per Year
  • The Site License membership of Sensory Live! allows you to access and use all the apps within Sensory Apps live across your school or hospital site. This includes the license to install the apps, and we can provide additional links and installers (along with a site license certificate) for this purpose. If you have multiple sites, we can tailor a membership for your district or county.
  • Site Access to Sensory Live! full screen web apps
  • Apps can be installed - share to all computers
  • All your school, individual student and staff computers
  • Windows PC, Chromebooks, Macs, Tablets
  • Email Support included
  • 30 days full refund period
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sensory app house

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About Us

Sensory App House creates apps for stimulation, early learning coordination ,relaxation, fun, art, communication and speech therapy. Our apps can be used by therapists and educators to help younger people with visual and speech development and sensory issues.

Our apps have been mostly for free, and we are delighted to have had close to 4 million downloads.

We have a strong understanding of disabilities and difficulties, and make apps to help assist, even in the smallest of ways. Many of the cause and effect apps are also switch accessible.

We develop for many platforms - iPads, Chromebooks, Android, Web Apps, Windows, Mac and Apple TV. Please contact us about licensing and partnerships.

Sensory App House was founded by Professor Paul Blenkhorn and Dave Stevens, who also both co-founded reading and writing assistive software specialist Claro Software.


    We try to design the apps to be easy to use - simple settings, no adverts or data collection


    Many of our apps have been free for end users from the main app stores. We aim to keep our apps free or low cost

  • Innovative

    We try to innovate in creating accessible Sensory apps, exploring the new possibilities and supporting all access hardware devices

  • Flexible

    We aim to listen and understand, and are flexible in our partnerships. Please contact us with any feedback or queries.

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