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Apps for therapy and education

Apps for speech stimulation, control & therapy

Speak Up – develop speech

Sensory Speak Up is a visually stimulating simple game style speech therapy app that responds to sounds. – FREE

Speak Up Too – vocalize

Sensory Speak Up Too is a visually stimulating simple game style app that responds to sounds. – FREE

CineVox- cause effect

CineVox is a visually stimulating, simple and fun app that can improve vocalisation, voice control and speech. – FREE

Mica – speech fricatives

Sensory Mica can be used to encourage making sounds. Effects change with the pitch of sounds. – FREE

Apps for digital painting & art

Fun Painting – digital art!

Sensory Fun Painting allows you to create symmetrical and freeform digital paint creations . – FREE

Coloco – digital symmetry

Coloco lets anyone make symmetrical patterned paintings and doodles. Many effects. – FREE

Painting – touch paint

Sensory Painting is a simple to use, touch painting app that lets anyone make patterned paintings and drawings. FREE.

Mandala Patterns

Sensory Mandala Patterns allows you to create beautiful symmetrical and freeform digital paint creations . – FREE

Apps for sensory stimulation, relaxation, cause & effect

Electra – touch lightning!

Electra is a simple stimulating app for people with special/complex needs of all ages. It is visually stimulating. – FREE

imeba – ameba flow & pulse

iMeba is a simple stimulating app for people with special/complex needs of all ages. Relaxing and immersive. – FREE

Just Touch – Infinity

A fun effects app with 30+ incredible touch effects.Experience kaleidoscopes, infinity tunnels and more. – FREE

Magma – lava lamp

Magma is a simple, calming and relaxing visual lava lamp app for all. Magma generates lava style effects. – FREE

Plazma-calming bubbles

Plazma is a simple calming and relaxation app for people of ALL ages. Tap to see different Plazma effects. – FREE

Splodge – tap and splat!

Splodge and splatter paint effects, fish, butterflies and balloons on glowing background. Great fun for kids. – FREE

Abstract# 1

NEW in 2019! a combination of digital art and effects techniques created by Sensory. Just view…- FREE

Lava for tvOS

Sensory Lava is a free lava lamp app for your Apple TV. A simple calming and relaxing visual app for ALL ages. – FREE

Apps for camera photo fun

CineFx – Fun video

A fun photo effects app for all with 30 cinema style effects. Hall of Mirrors, funky colours and swirl effects. – FREE

FotoFrez – FotoFun

A fun photo app for all with 200+ amusing effects.Hall of Mirrors, funky psychedelic colours and effects. – FREE

FotoFrez VR – Headset On!

FotoFrezVR is an Augmented Reality iPhone, Android & Samsung Gear live camera effects app. FREE.

Sensory AiR

Calm, slow moving effects over your photos. Non-interactive, visual display app. – FREE

Chromebook & Web Apps

Chromebook Apps

Sensory Apps are available as Chrome Apps for use on Google Chromebooks. Download from the Chrome Webstore

Progressive Web Apps

Sensory Apps running in your Chrome or Edge web browser on any tablet, desktop, phone or laptop. Online and offline.

Electra Progressive Web App (PWA) Live Demo

Fun Painting Progressive Web App Live Demo

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About Us

Sensory App House creates apps for stimulation, relaxation, fun, digital art and speech therapy. Many of our apps are cause and effect style apps, using digital techniques developed over time. Our apps have been mostly for free, and we are delighted to have had millions of downloads. We have a strong understanding of disabilities and difficulties, and make apps to help assist, even in the smallest of ways. Many of the cause and effect apps are also switch accessible. We develop for many platforms - iPads, Chromebooks, Android, Web Apps, Windows, Mac and Apple TV. Please contact us about licensing and partnerships. Sensory App House was founded by Professor Paul Blenkhorn and Dave Stevens, who also both co-founded reading and writing assistive software specialist Claro Software.


    We try to design the apps to be easy to use - but this can be tough!

  • FREE

    Most of our apps have been free for end users from the main app stores.

  • Innovative

    We try to innovate in creating sensory apps, exploring the new possibilities that technology allows

  • Flexible

    We aim to listen and understand, and are flexible in our partnerships


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