17th October, 2020


Sensory Electrique is a pure sensory stimulation app, for assisting basic communication. Electrique is a multi touch or tap effects app, which generates the lively stimulating spark. It can also be used within visual and touch development and visual sensory response. If you are familiar with our popular app Electra, then Electrique will be familiar.

Live Electrique Demo

Above is a live demo of the Electrique app.

Electrique (and all Sensory App House apps) do not contain advertising.

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Preview Video

Switch Access and Adaptive XBox Controller

Electrique can be keyboard or access switch controlled, with numbers 1,2,3,4 controlling the effects, 5 hiding the buttons, and a mouse click anchoring the spark. Electrique also supports the XBox controller or Microsoft Adaptive Controller on many devices. A crosshair will appear and the spark can be reset by hitting A. B, X and Y control other app effects. As of Nov 2020, the current Sensory iOS Apps cannot yet support the XBox Controller, unless the Sensory App is accessed live online using the Safari browser.

Read more about the Bluetooth switch access and the Microsoft Adaptive Controller here.

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