Vocalizer TTS – 8 UK English voices

Download all Vocalizer for Windows Text To Speech voices - UK English Voices. The download file is 1.23GB size.

(Serena, Daniel, Kate, Fiona, Moira, Stephanie, Oliver, Malcolm)

Instructions - download the file and save to your local drive. The file is a compressed zip file Vocalizer-8UKvoices.zip. Extract the zip file to a new folder, which will include 8 .msi files, one for each voices. Double click the .msi files you would like to install, and follow the installation routine. Once installed, start Sensory Readable and the voices will shown in the voice settings.


  • Version 1.0.2
  • File Size 1230MB
  • Create Date 11th November, 2023
  • Last Updated 30th April, 2024
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