8th July, 2023

Sensory PDF Convert

PDF Convert will convert scans or photographs of typed text (inaccessible text) into more accessible text for copying and speaking with text to speech. PDF Convert ensures the image of the accessible document is identical, so no format errors are introduced.

Sensory PDF Convert Preview

PDF Convert extracts the (typed) text from the image using optical character recognition (OCR). This is done locally on your Windows PC, and is NOT sent to conversion servers in the cloud over the internet. The accuracy of the OCR will be affected by the quality of scan, the resolution of the scan, and the age of the document.

To convert an image PDF file, a JG or PNG file (photo) simply open PDF Convert, load the image file to be converted, and press start. The converted file will be saved in the same folder as the origin file, with the same file but with “readable” added. If the conversion is successful and the text has been recognised and made accessible, Sensory PDF Reader will be able to speak the text, as will Sensory Readable.