3rd June, 2021

3D Snake

3D Snake is a simple, fun activity for early learners and others who may struggle with more complex games. It is fully switch accessible, and you move the fun snake around the green floating astroturf and eat some red apples….don’t fall off the carpet! Great to practise switch press timing.

There is a setting to change the speed that the snake moves and a setting to change snake direction either on a switch press, or a switch release (for example when using the Microsoft Adaptive XBox Controller). The more apples the snake eats, the longer it gets.

3D Snake Live Demo


3D Snake contains no adverts on requires no end user login. This app does not collect any face or other data, and does not request access to camera or microphone.

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Preview Video

3D Snake App Preview

Switch Access and Adaptive XBox Controller

3D Snake supports touch tap for direction change, keyboard input, bluetooth switch, Microsoft Adaptive Controller and XBox Controller.

Read more about the Bluetooth switch access and the Microsoft Adaptive Controller here.

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