19th November, 2018

Camloco for Chromebook

Download as a Chromebook app



Sensory Camloco is available as a ChromeBook App, download from here.

Sensory Camloco is also available as a Web App for Chrome browser. Click here to run Camloco.

Camloco is a fun visual effects app that response to music, sounds and speech. It requests access to Camera and Microphone, as both inputs are used to create stunning visual dynamic displays of digital art! There are many different innovative sound driven visual effects in Camloco, including mirrors, patterns, graphics equalisers and more.

The effects change colour and shape with volume, so the louder the sound, the more the effect changes. Camloco features many Chromebook keyboard shortcuts for control, listed below;

Keyboard commands:
“1”-“8″: Go to effects set 1-8.
“9″: toggle 3×3 mode.
“+”: next effect.
“-“: next spectrum display.
“/“: toggle spectrum display.
“*”: toggle timed change of effect (every 10 seconds step to next effect in current set).
“=“: toggle times change of effect (every 10 seconds change to a random effect).

Check the longer demo video showing more of the effects, featuring Holly The Dog and a minion.

If you would like to make a screen recording of your production on a Chromebook, we would suggest the Chrome App ScreenCastify or similar.