17th June, 2015

FotoFrez – fun with photos


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FotoFrez is a fun photo camera app for all with 200+ amusing effects. Transform the Phone or iPad into a Hall of Mirrors, add funky psychedelic colours and effects, pixel lenses or kaleidoscope view. FotoFrez yourself, your pet or your friends and rivals. Tap the screen to add bubbles. Take a photo anytime which is stored in your Photos – and upload and share from there.

Sensory FotoFrez is also available as a Chromebook App to download and a Chrome browser Web App.

Bluetooth Switch Box Compatibility

This is a fully switch accessible App and can be used by Bluetooth switch users. FotoFrez can be controlled by assistive technology switches that produce character codes (1, 2, 3, 4 & ~1, ~2, ~3, ~4) – all produce different changes.

At the Menu Screen Switch Button 1,2,3 and 4 will select one from the 4 options. Within an activity, Switch 1 Creates the bubble ripple, Switch 2 goes to the Home Screen, Switch 3 chooses the next effect and Switch 4 takes a photo.

This switch accessible app can be controlled by assistive technology switches that interface with Chromebook (probably bluetooth) that produce character codes (1, 2, 3, 4 , Space , Enter) – all produce different changes in effects

What’s New in Version 2.66

Added 100+ extra photo effects. You can still open any picture into FotoFrez, and apply any of the FotoFrez effects, then save the final image back to Photos App. For the dynamic effects, use the iOS Screen Capture function to save the short video to your camera apps.