19th January, 2023

Open Board Format and Open Symbols

PiCom fully supports the Open Board Format and Open Symbols. Please contact us to discuss any aspects on boards and symbols.

Open Board Format

Communication Boards Should Be Shareable!

On top of that, sharing boards and templates is either not possible, or limited to only people using the same device, brand or app. Nobody wants to create new boards from scratch (especially when something similar has probably been created by ten other people). Read more about the Open Board Format, review some existing boards and documentation here.

Open Symbols

open-licensed communication symbols for everyone

OpenSymbols is a collection of open-licensed picture symbols that can be used for augmentative communication. The collection pulls from multiple sources and currently includes access to more than 50,000 symbols and icons! Visit Open Symbols library to learn more and view the incredible range of symbols for communication.