19th January, 2019


  • Well worth a try [Magma] – It’s just exactly what you want free, works beautifully, nice colour choice and no adverts what more can you ask for
  • [Magma] No adverts or settings or anything else cluttering the screen at all but the colours themselves. Controls are easy to change: movement(tap), colour(tap&hold) or blob-size(pinch). Altering the size changes the colour intensity and brightness the larger the blobs are. Nice slow movement. Fills a dark room with relaxing colour exactly as you’d want an old school lava lamp to. Only criticism is there’s a little too much white on some colours getting in the way of the colour and the effect would better if it was pure colour with no white light but some colours have no white in the screen at all and others have white and colour mixed together so you can choose what you want easily.
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  • I’m just writing because I discovered your INCREDIBLE AR app, FotoFrezVR, last night and it has rocked my world. Amazing! Truly life altering stuff.
  • I love this app it really helps with my anxiety! All there apps are great. If you are playing on this app then you will feel relaxed and calm My school told me I would like this app and I do!!! This is a 5 star app
  • Whenever my son has a meltdown because of sensory overload, I always give him Sensory Magma by Sensory Apps Ltd. This IPad application used magma images that have a slow moving lava effects that change its color. My son found this soothing and relaxing combined with music that he loved to listen to.
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  • Subject: Coloco spins my head right round.. In a good way.
    Wow! That app is amazing! Spectacular even. A interactive visualizer that allows you to spur your own creativity. It’s something I’ve been looking for forever and this one is damn near the best one on the iOS App Store and probably even other ones as well. Don’t know but I do know this app is easily a four star app and is almost perfect for a five star app.
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  • [Speak Up Too] Simple uncluttered interface, choice of several different voice activated cause and effect games, glad to have this!
  • I love this app [Magma], which I use to help a child with unique sensory needs fall asleep. I turn it on and he is mesmerized by the moving shapes.
  • hi — love this app [Speak Up Too]. I use it with my deaf preschool students, and it helps so much! Alison Teacher of the Deaf
  • I have Aspergers and I Just LOVE this app [Coloco]! Thanks
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  • It’s hard to keep your phone away from baby, so this app [Magma] lets your little one have a wee short play instead of being told NO all the time! Simple, effective, lights and sounds.
  • My wife and I have been using this app [Magma] as a lamp to care for our newborn late at night. Works great! Multiple colors, etc. This is a fantastic app, no I was not paid to write this lol
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  • [Coloco] Truly unique! So much fun and very beautiful! Try it ASAP! It will make your day!
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  • I love this App [Electra]…
  • I’m just writing because I discovered your INCREDIBLE AR app, FotoFrezVR, last night and it has rocked my world. Amazing! Truly life altering stuff.