3rd June, 2021


Visage is an easy to use app for early learners or special access situations. Touch and move around the screen slowly and watch the faces. Change the different cartoon character faces, make them wink, change the number of faces – it might be fun!

Visage main screen can be controlled by an external keyboard. Characters 1,2,3,4, Space, Enter change the creature settings, and 5 removes the buttons from the screen. +/- change the background.

Preview Video

Sensory Visage App Preview


Visage contains no adverts on requires no end user login. Visage does not collect any face or other data, and does not request access to camera or microphone.

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Switch Access and Adaptive XBox Controller

Visage can also be controlled by using an XBox controller or the Microsoft Adaptive Controller with any suitable switch inputs. The controller buttons will change the effects and colors. Dpad Left and Right will change the face style.

Read more about the Bluetooth switch access and the Microsoft Adaptive Controller here.

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