3rd June, 2015

Coloco – painting symmetry

Sensory Coloco is a touch painting digital art app, that lets anyone make attractive but unusual patterned paintings and drawings. A fun way to explore symmetry, colour, pattern effects through touch.

Produce mirror effects using tubes, fans, solids and lines, and add a touch of crazy animation once finished.

Live Coloco Demo

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Coloco (and all Sensory App House apps) do not contain advertising. Coloco is available for school site licensing.

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It is possible to license the Sensory Web Apps to run from your own servers. Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to license the web apps for use on your network or in your application.

Preview Video

Review the Coloco Video Playlist showing the 4 different modes of the Coloco iOS app, for creating your digital art.

Coloco iPad Examples