22nd February, 2018

Fun Painting – Digital art!

ios app store downloadAvailable in the Chrome Webstore

Sensory Fun Painting allows you to create beautiful symmetrical and freeform digital paint creations for your entertainment and relaxation. Produce mirror effects using tubes, fans, solids and lines. Fun Painting is a follow on from our Coloco app and expands on the symmetry, colours and effects that you can use.

Sensory Fun Painting is also available as a Chromebook App to download. Also a Sensory Web App for Chrome browser is available for Fun Painting.

Here are some example videos made with Fun Painting, one for each “mode”. They were produced using an iPad, however the Fun Painting Chromebook App is very similar in style and performance.

Fun Painting Screenshots

Fun Painting ScreenshotFun Painting ScreenshotFun Painting ScreenshotFun Painting Screenshot

Fun Painting link


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