17th June, 2015

Magma – relaxing lava lamp

Magma is a simple calming and relaxing visual app for people with special/complex needs of ALL ages. Magma generates lava style slow moving effects, which when combined with music from the iPhone or iPad Music player can be relaxing and also stimulating. Beaming Magma to a TV via Apple TV fills the room with the slow, lava effect.

Touch the screen to change Magma effects as follows:

  • Tap: change direction of flow.
  • Hold: change colour.
  • Pinch: change size of magma blobs.

Magma has no adverts, no settings screen and no in-app purchases.

Bluetooth Switch Box Compatibility

Magma can be controlled by assistive technology switches that produce character codes (1, 2, 3, 4 & ~1, ~2, ~3, ~4) – all produce different changes.

You can download the five minute Sensory Magma video shown above, to play on your device. It is quite large at 337MB. Ambient music by Anna Stevens.

Magma Screenshots