PiCom first releases available for free download

PiCom is a new Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) software app from Sensory App House. PiCom is a picture symbol communicator with text to speech or recorded voice output, that runs on a wide range of tablets, phones and computers. PiCom is available for Windows, Chromebook, Android tablets/phones, iPads and iPhone.

PiCom is designed to assist people who have difficulty speaking and for whom symbol communication is deemed appropriate. This could be in a school/educational setting or in a medical situation (short or long term).

PiCom has some significant advantages, including the following

1. PiCom includes a range of proven communicator templates, that can be used immediately and expanded or edited.

2. PiCom connects to the text to speech voices on your device, giving a wide range of voice choices in many languages.

3. PiCom can import (and export) existing created communication boards that are in the Open Board Format (file format .obf or .obz).

4. PiCom has many access control input methods, including touch, touch zoom, mouse wheel control, joystick, XBox Controller, D-pad, cursor key control and switch control.

5. PiCom can edit buttons on existing and new boards, changing the background colors, import different symbols, images or photos, change the labels and change the text that is spoken. Add recorded audio to buttons also, using the record feature or import audio.

Read more on the dedicated PiCom webpages.

PiCom is available and free for download – no logins required, no adverts, no data collected!

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Preview Videos

Short video playlist of PiCom on different devices and computers.

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