19th April, 2023

PiCom languages list

PiCom V1.0.4 (April 23) allows the user interface to be shown in the following languages. The translation were created with automatic translation, so could require editing. Each language is identified using the two digit ISO 639-1 codes. Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to help us with any translation improvements for your language.

ar = Arabic

cy = Welsh

ca = Catalan

cs = Czech

da = Danish

de = German

el = Greek

es = Spanish

fa = Farsi

fi = Finnish

fr = French

gu = Gujurati

he = Hebrew

hi = Hindi

hr = Croatian

hu = Hungarian

it = Italian

ja = Japanese

ko = Korean

nl = Dutch

no = Norwegian

pa = Punjabi

pl = Polish

pt = Portugeuse

ro = Romanian

ru = Russian

sv = Swedish

tr = Turkish

uk = Ukrainian

ur = Urdu

You can download automatic translation Communicator Boards in the above languages (and more) from;