30th November, 2020

CineVox on Sensory Live!

With CineVox you can also produce amazing and fun graphic effects as it responds to any sounds. CineVox can be used to encourage children to vocalise and make sounds,


Click or tap the button and the app will launch filling the screen or window.

If the app fills the window, maximize the window to full screen and the app will run as full screen.

Press ESC key or click/tap the X button to close the app.

Tech Note: Please note that only Chrome and Edge Chromium browsers support microphone input from Sensory Apps at this point in time. We suggest you download the iOS version from the app store and use Chrome browser on your Mac.

How to Use

There are many different visual effects in CineVox, including mirrors, spirals, bubbles, kaleidoscope and more. The effects change colour and shape with volume, so the louder the sound, the more the effect changes. Sounding fricatives (hisses, shhh etc) will change the display with additional effects. In some modes it gives a snowstorm effect, in others it makes your image black and white and in the hall of mirrors mode it further distorts your image.

Install Sensory Web Apps on your Computer or Device.

Make sure your Windows PC, or Apple Mac has either the Google Chrome Browser or new Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser installed. Your Chromebook will already have the Chrome browser.

Click the app icon or this install link, which will open and launch the Sensory App in a new browser tab

Look for the “Install” button (+) that appears in the browser address bar. Press this install button and the installer pop-up will appear. You will find an app icon added to your desktop or programs list/folder. Clicking this app icon will launch the app full screen on your device.

Click here for installation videos and how to add the Sensory Web Apps to Android or iOS devices.

CineVox is a fully switch accessible app. CineVox can be controlled by assistive technology switches that produce character codes (1, 2, 3, 4 & ~1, ~2, ~3, ~4) – all produce different changes. Bluetooth keyboards will also control the app.

  • Switch/Keyboard 1: Simulate random touch on the screen.
  • Switch/Keyboard 2: Back command.
  • Switch/Keyboard 3: Simulate random touch on the screen.
  • Switch/Keyboard 4: Next (clicking of right arrow).

You can also download most of the Sensory Apps on main app stores. The download links are contained below.

App Store Downloads links for CineVox