Mandala Patterns

Mandala Patterns allows you to create beautiful symmetrical and freeform digital paint creations for your entertainment and relaxation. A mandala is a complex abstract design that is usually circular in form. Mandalas can be based on or include a variety of geometric shapes using patterns and symmetry. This easy to use app spans the age
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Mica- speech fricatives

Sensory Mica (for iOS) is a visually stimulating app that responds to speech sounds. Mica can be used to encourage children to vocalise and make sounds, either through the internal microphone or via an external microphone. It can be used for developing plosives and fricatives, as well as general cause effect stimulation relating to a
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Splodge – tap and splat!

Splodge and splatter paint effects, fish, butterflies and balloons on different backgrounds (including front facing camera views). Complete with funny sound effects. Splodge is for iOS only, is also switch accessible, using a bluetooth switch box. Splodge backgrounds include mirror, underwater, glowing sun and calming lava. Simple fun for infants, kindergarten, nursery and pre-school kids.
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FotoFrez – fun with photos

FotoFrez is a fun photo camera app for all with 200+ amusing effects. Transform your computer, phone or tablet into a Hall of Mirrors, add funky psychedelic colours and effects, pixel lenses or kaleidoscope view. FotoFrez yourself, your pet or your friends and rivals. Take a screen shot anytime which is stored on your device
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CineVox – voice cause effect

CineVox is a visually stimulating, simple and fun app that improves vocalisation and speech. CineVox is a speech therapy  tool that responds to sounds. With CineVox you can also produce amazing and fun graphic effects as it responds to any sounds. CineVox can be used to encourage children and adults to vocalise and make sounds,
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CineFx – Fun video effects

CineFX is a fun photo effects app for all with 30 cinema style effects. Transform the computer or tablet into a moving Hall of Mirrors, add funky psychedelic colours and swirl effects. Appear to stand in fire, rain, snow and under water – all dynamic effects. CineFx yourself, your pet or your friends. Take a
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