Sensory Readable Voice Download List

  Vocalizer UK TTS Voices Click item link to see individual download details. Download and double click the .msi to run and install the voice on your computer for use with Sensory Readable for Windows. The voice will appear inside Readable voices settings panel. Downloads require a password from Sensory App House

Sensory PDF Reader

Sensory PDF Reader is an accessible PDF reader. You can change the background colour and text size of your PDF, and  also speak words, lines or blocks of text if your PDF file is accessible.  For scanned or inaccessible PDF files or photographs of documents, where the text is not available, you can convert the
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Sensory PDF Convert

PDF Convert will convert scans or photographs of typed text (inaccessible text) into more accessible text for copying and speaking with text to speech. PDF Convert ensures the image of the accessible document is identical, so no format errors are introduced. PDF Convert extracts the (typed) text from the image using optical character recognition (OCR).
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Sensory Ruler for Windows

Sensory Ruler is a screen reading ruler, tinted software overlay, providing a flexible variable sized reading ruler. Colours and size of the ruler can be set from defaults to custom colours. Above and below the Ruler can be set with a different colour to contrast. Works on extended/multiple displays. Great to help with focus on
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Sensory Tint for Windows

Sensory Tint for Windows – colour tinting and adjustments for vision difficulties. Dual monitor support. Screen overlay utility that runs from system tray. Sensory Tint is normally included within the Sensory Readable bundle, but can be purchased standalone. Free 15 day demo available. No subscription required, single license purchase. Download 15 day trial or purchase
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Sensory Readable Range Downloads

Readable Suite for Windows Bundle (.exe installer) Download Sensory Readable Suite for Windows DSA/Education Bundle with a Vocalizer Voice download options. This installer includes Readable for Windows, Sensory Tint, Sensory Ruler, Sensory PDF Reader, Sensory PDF Convert within one installer.  Add more Vocalizer voices by downloading individually from the voices list. Readable Suite for Windows
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Download Sensory Readable

We are keen to work with professionals supporting students and employees. There is an exciting path ahead with the development of new solutions for reading and writing, and we would be delighted to send you a download link to your own copy of Sensory Readable for Windows. If you would like to evaluate Sensory Readable
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About Sensory Readable

Sensory Readable is a creation of Paul Blenkhorn, Emeritus Professor of Assistive Technology, Manchester University. Paul was also the creator of ClaroRead in 2004. Paul created the first Windows Narrator tool for Microsoft, which helps blind users access Windows using speech. Sensory Readable is published by UK based Sensory App House Ltd. Sensory App House
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Contact Us about Sensory Readable

Please feel free to contact us about the new Sensory Readable range. We will do our best to help on technical issues so contact us on [email protected]. If you have any license or commercial queries please email us directly on [email protected] or fill out the form below. Alternatively, message us on Facebook (

Sensory Readable for Windows

Sensory Readable for Windows is innovative software that assists with reading and writing. It offers real-time spoken feedback, acts as a proof-reader, and provides various tools for easy listening and accessibility. Compatible with Windows 10 and 11, it’s approved for funding by Student Finance England for the Disabled Students Allowance. Visit the dedicated website for
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