Music playlist with Magma App on iOS

Our Sensory Magma iOS app is great when accompanied by ambient background music. But the Magma app itself doesn’t contain the music, we thought you would have your own preferences and music services available on your iPhone. The good news is that you can select the music playlist you would like, and then open or switch to the Magma app. The music selection will continue, and the Magma will start to “flow” automatically. If you press touch the screen, the effect will change (and you here the “change” sound).

This method also applies to the Sensory iOS apps Plazma, Abstract #1, Sensory AiR and Just Touch. It isn’t currently supported on the iMeba app until we do an update.

If you change effects and find the music track has paused, just switch back to your audio player and press Play to resume the music

Here is a quick video showing the setup with Magma

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