6th December, 2020

Simply Touch on Sensory Live!

Touch the screen or move the mouse and shapes will follow your movement around the screen.

Click or tap the button and the app will launch filling the screen or window.

If the app fills the window, maximise the window to full screen and the app will run as full screen.

Press ESC key or click/tap the X button to close the app.

How to Use

Choose one of the top row of effect groups, then choose the effect you would like to use from the 4 in the second row. One the shape or effect has open, move around the mouse or tap and drag on the screen, and the shapes will move and transform and some will even follow you around.

The two silver buttons will change the background style and color, and the silver arrow moves to the next effect in the group.

Simply Touch can be controlled with a mouse, touch screen , XBox controller (device dependent) and the Microsoft Adaptive controller. With the Microsoft Adaptive controller and XBox controller, the D-pad allows you to select the shapes. A, B , X & Y buttons change background effects and move to next touch effects. If you have an external joystick this can also control and lead the shape movement.

Install Sensory Web Apps on your Computer or Device.

Make sure your Windows PC, or Apple Mac has either the Google Chrome Browser or new Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser installed. Your Chromebook will already have the Chrome browser.

Click the app icon or this install link, which will open and launch the Sensory App in a new browser tab

Look for the “Install” button (+) that appears in the browser address bar. Press this install button and the installer pop-up will appear. You will find an app icon added to your desktop or programs list/folder. Clicking this app icon will launch the app full screen on your device.

Click here for installation videos and how to add the Sensory Web Apps to Android or iOS devices.

You can also download the Sensory Apps on all main app stores, and the download links are contained here also;

App Store Download links for Simply Touch