14th February, 2021

Switch Flip on Sensory Live!

Switch Flip is a switch enabled classic style game, to help develop assistive switch or alternative device usage – and also enjoy a trampolining challenge. Switch Flip allows the game to be controlled by touch/tap, pointing device, bluetooth access switches, external bluetooth keyboard, Microsoft Adaptive Controller or XBox Controller.


Click or tap the button and the app will launch filling the screen or window.

If the app fills the window, maximise the window to full screen and the app will run as full screen.

Press ESC key or click/tap the X button to close the app.

How to Use

Switch Flip is an accessible bouncing, trampolining Flip game. Touching the screen, or pressing a key or switch will start the stick character spinning. Try land him on the trampoline by releasing the key in time.

The trampolining has a detailed scoreboard, counting the amount of single/double/triple flips, and the heights achieved when bouncing. The score can be reset from the settings panel. The settings panel allows the single switch input to be changed between a “Tap” mode and a “Press/Hold” mode which can be helpful for a user. You can also mute the sounds and change the flipping speed to up the challenge. This game could be used by two people controlling the bouncer.

Switch Flip has modes to support a learner developing single access switch use. You can use a wide range of access switches and also the Microsoft Adaptive Controller/XBox controller, on most devices and computers. Switch Flip also responds to screen tap, mouse pointer device as well as external keyboard control (space, enter, 1, 2)..

Install Sensory Apps on Chromebook, PC or Mac

Make sure your Windows PC, or Apple Mac has either the Google Chrome Browser or new Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser installed. Your Chromebook will already have the Chrome browser.

Click the app icon or this install link, which will open and launch the Sensory App in a new browser tab

Look for the “Install” button (+) that appears in the browser address bar. Press this install button and the installer pop-up will appear. See the examples screenshots below on Chrome and Edge.

You will find an app icon added to your desktop or programs list/folder. Clicking this app icon will launch the app full screen on your device.

Click here for installation videos and how to add the Sensory Web Apps to Android or iOS devices.

Switch Access and Adaptive XBox Controller

The Switch Flip activity screen can be controlled by an external keyboard a single external bluetooth access switch, as well as by mouse/pointing device, XBox Controller, Microsoft Adaptive controller. The app settings have two main actions, of “Tap” and “Press/Hold”. The default is tap, which means a tap will start the flipping. Another tap will stop it. The Press/Hold will start the character flipping for as long as the key is down. Some bluetooth switches do not flag when the switch is released, so multiple presses are needed. The Microsoft Adaptive Controller built in switches do work well with Flip Press/Hold mode.


You can also download the Sensory Apps on all main app stores, and the download links are here;

ios app store downloadGet it from Microsoft