Switch Access

Alternative Access Control

Many of the Sensory Apps can be controlled via external keyboard access and bluetooth or wired switches that output numbers 1,2,3,4,Space,Enter (or ~1,2,3,4). The exact access details can vary per app, as the functions are different. Each app web page describes the switch access options and functions. We also accept that some apps (for example
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Sensory Apps on Android Play Store – more releases

During May 2020 we started a process to replace and extend our Sensory Apps on the Android Play store. This is so that versions of our incredibly popular iOS Sensory Apps can be enjoyed on Android tablets and phones. Also, the same version of these Sensory apps on Android will available for Chromebooks through the
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Voca Speech Viewer

Voca is a speech and audio viewer for seeing speech and other audio patterns. Voca displays the sound coming into the microphone graphically on the screen. Available viewing option are: spectrogram, frequency display, waveform and audio volume history. This tool is useful for encouraging speech and seeing different patterns generated by different sounds. Live Voca
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Camloco is a fun visual effects app that response to music, sounds and speech. It requests access to camera and microphone, as both inputs are used to create stunning visual dynamic displays of digital art! There are many different innovative sound driven visual effects in Camloco, including mirrors, patterns, graphics equalisers and more. The effects
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FotoFrez – fun with photos

FotoFrez is a fun photo camera app for all with 200+ amusing effects. Transform your computer, phone or tablet into a Hall of Mirrors, add funky psychedelic colours and effects, pixel lenses or kaleidoscope view. FotoFrez yourself, your pet or your friends and rivals. Take a screen shot anytime which is stored on your device
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CineFx – Fun video effects

CineFX is a fun photo effects app for all with 30 cinema style effects. Transform the computer or tablet into a moving Hall of Mirrors, add funky psychedelic colours and swirl effects. Appear to stand in fire, rain, snow and under water – all dynamic effects. CineFx yourself, your pet or your friends. Take a
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