24th February, 2021

Switch Dodger

Switch Dodger is a switch accessible car game. We think the only car orbiting in space is Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster. With this friendly activity, you can loop your car around in space dodging the asteroids… This is a fun activity for early learners and others who may struggle with more complex games. Learn to anticipate by dodging the asteroids with your spinning car! Dodger has three lives per game, you can change the car spin speed.

You can use a wide range of access switches and also the Microsoft Adaptive Controller/XBox controller, on most devices and computers. Switch Dodger also responds to screen tap, mouse pointer device as well as external keyboard control (space, enter, 1, 2).

Switch Dodger Live Demo

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Sensory Switch Dodger contains no adverts, does not require a subscription and does not collect data.

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Switch Dodger Preview


Switch Access and Adaptive XBox Controller

The Switch Dodger activity screen can be controlled by an external keyboard and external bluetooth access switches, as well as by mouse/pointing device, XBox Controller, Microsoft Adaptive controller.